Cremation - The "New Tacoma" Advantage

Selecting a funeral and cremation provider is an extremely important decision. It involves more than just comparing  "Cost" to know you are selecting the right company. Our direct cremation charges start at $825.00 ($1,005.51 including minimum cremation container, urn and tax, NO OTHER hidden costs or "up charges"). The differences in selecting New Tacoma vs. any other provider in this area comes down to several factors:

1. Our cremation chamber is located in our main office building, right here on Chambers Creek Rd W. in University Place. Not in a maintenance shop area, not in a different industrial area, not in another city all together, right here in our main operations office building. We welcome and even encourage families to inspect our cremation facilities and procedures, without an appointment, anytime during our regular business hours. Stop by one of our competitors unannounced and see if they offer the same tour and inspection.  You may be surprised to learn a few do not even have or own cremation equipment. You may also be asked to drive some distance to inspect their facilities or that an appointment is necessary.  Why? Do they have something to hide?

2. Our entire cremation process, from the actual cremation to the processing and placement of the ashes into the urn, is ONLY performed by our own WA State Licensed Funeral Directors, Mike Woodhouse, Ted Anderson or Bill Straley, to ensure each family we serve that absolute adherence to accepted cremation procedures were followed and to ensure positive identification of each cremation giving assurance and peace of mind to the families we serve. We do not use our cemetery staff, office staff or other unlicensed, unqualified employees or any third parties to which there is no direct supervision or control over.   It does matter.

3. Costs. Yes, we may not be the least expensive but the "cheapest" may not give you the assurances we can. Ask the qualifications of the crematory operator, are they an employee or a "sub-contractor", are they a "part time employee" just doing a job or are they fully licensed and in a career they are dedicated to? Again, it matters.

4. New Tacoma Cemeteries and Funeral Home have been earning the trust of families for over 137 years, right here in Tacoma with no out of state corporate offices or absent owners. We are also a non profit cemetery, these are facts no one else can claim. We are, and have been, here to serve your family when it's needed most. We appreciate your trust in New Tacoma.

Minimum Cremation Services

Please call for more details and how we may assist you. We will not turn any family away because of financial hardship, and we are committed to helping you in any way we can.

Cremation Scattering Garden

A scattering garden has been created for the families that New Tacoma Funeral Home serves. This is just one of the many options for cremated remains we offer.