Our Facilities

New Tacoma Funeral Home - University Place

Our licensed funeral directors are available around the clock to assist families in all types of funeral services.
Our funeral arrangement rooms offer family privacy, while our trained staff can help create loving memories for your loved one's funeral services.

New Tacoma Cemetery - University Place

The park-like beauty of this garden cemetery forms an airy, serene sanctuary. Instead of competing headstones, flat markers set flush with the lawn provide everlasting tributes to each person. New Tacoma has over 150 acres of land with sufficient area still remaining to serve families for centuries to come.

Tacoma Cemetery

Tacoma Cemetery is located in the heart of old Tacoma and was founded in 1874. It is considered one of the most beautiful traditional cemeteries in the Western United States.

Chambers Creek Pet Memorial Park

Chambers Creek Pet Memorial Park is located in University Place, Washington as a part of New Tacoma Cemeteries, Funeral Home & Crematory.
Our newly created pet cemetery area, pet cremation services and arrangement office have been designed just for pets and their families.