New Tacoma's Chambers Creek Pet Services

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Chambers Creek Pet Memorial Park specializes in pet funeral and cemetery services.

We realize that families cherish the memory of a pet long after their lives have ended.

We Offer:

*Pet Removal Services from Home/Vet Office
*Pet Burial options
*Pet Cremation Services
*Pet Urns, Markers and Mementos
*Pet Cemetery and Services
*Ideas to Remember Your Special Family Pet

BURIAL OPTIONS                                                                                                             
We offer the option of full burial of your pet. If cremation is not an option for you, we can help. We have a full selection of caskets suitable for pet burial and many memorial marker options to select from. You love your pet, do not feel cremation is your only option.

Our services specialize in individual, private cremation. This means that your pet will be kept separate from other animals at all times. All pet cremations have a numbered ID tag system which will accompany your pet throughout the removal and cremation process, ensuring that your pet receives the personal and private services you desire.

You have the choice to have your pet returned to you after the cremation or to have them placed in our pet cemetery.

Our pet cemetery was created as a final resting place after pet cremation.  It is adorned with mature trees and close to the waters of Puget Sound.  Within the natural setting are walking paths, benches and undisturbed open areas.  

Our cemetery gives great comfort to families who have lost a pet.  It is a place to visit, reflect, enjoy and remember.  Our families have the knowledge that their pet has a permanent resting place amid beautiful, peaceful surroundings. In addition, our maintenance fund was established to guarantee our cemeteries permanency, assuring you that your pet will have an uninterrupted final resting place.

Pet Burial & Cremation Services

Chambers Creek Pet Cemetery was developed specifically to offer options for dignified burial of pets that do become part of our families. To some, the loss of a pet can be nearly as traumatic as the loss of a family member and in recognition of this, New Tacoma Cemeteries and Funeral Home created a beautiful, natural and serene pet cemetery adjacent to our main cemetery on Chambers Creek Road here in University Place.

The Loss of a Pet

For those who have never had a companion animal, pet loss is often hard to understand. “After all,” many say, “it was just a cat … or a dog, bunny rabbit, hamster, budgie or any one of many possibilities.” Pet loss is often overlooked by society, so when an animal dies, owners grieve alone because they are afraid that they will be ridiculed, or thought to be crazy or stupid, because, after all it is “only a pet”.