Floral Regulations

These regulations are designed to preserve the appearance of our cemetery for everyone to enjoy its natural beauty. Grave, crypt and niche decorations should honor the deceased. Our cemetery park personnel will remove flower arrangements whenever they become wilted, faded, unsightly or do not conform to our regulations.

• Fresh cut flowers may be placed in cemetery vases throughout the year.
• Live, potted plants are allowed only if they can be lifted with one hand.
• Artificial flowers may be placed in cemetery vases from October 1st through April 1st.
• Christmas decorations will be removed within two weeks following the holiday.
• All other decorations for holidays including Easter, Mother’s Day, Fathers’ Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. will be removed within 2 weeks following these holidays and based upon grass mowing and maintenance needs.
• Digging holes, planting flowers, shrubs or trees on a burial space is not permitted at any time.
• The placing of flower pots, flower boxes, glass of any kind, statues, shells, toys, rocks, metal designs, wreaths, wind chimes, ornaments, chairs, benches, fences, vases, wooden items, food and beverage containers, paper products, balloons and other items upon the plot shall not be permitted and will be removed by our park personnel.
• Funeral flowers are usually removed one week after the burial.

• Artificial flowers are the only type of arrangements allowed inside our INDOOR MAUSOLEUM. We do not allow fresh flowers because they attract flies and bugs.
• Fresh flowers may be used in all OUTDOOR MAUSOLEUM and niches along with artificial flower arrangements.
• Flower arrangements should be uniform in size to the bud vase and must not cover neighboring crypts or niches. Do not put sand, gravel, etc. into the vase to hold the flowers. Serious injury can occur when these items fall. Styrofoam is suggested to hold flowers.
• Wire fasteners should not be used to attach arrangements to vases. The wire will rust and can stain the crypt and niche fronts.
• Do not use tape, stickers or decals on crypt or niche fronts. They become unsightly and difficult to remove.
Glass, ceramic, paper products, shells, toys, rocks, metal designs, wreaths, wind chimes, ornaments, chairs, benches, vases, wooden items, food and beverage containers, balloons and other items are not permitted and will be removed by our park personnel.

DEER - whether or not you feel the presence of deer in the cemetery is calming and beautiful, they LOVE TO EAT flowers, especially roses. They will leave the stems intact but will cleanly bite off the buds. If this is what you have experienced, it is NOT due to our staff carelessly weed eating, the deer have visited your flowers. There are products sold at home improvement centers such as "Deer Off" and other commercially available products you can spray or apply to your flowers. They may or may not work and we do not endorse any particular product that is guaranteed to keep the deer away.

Mylar Balloons: Mylar balloons are not permitted in the cemetery, the reason for this is at night when it cools off, they deflate and fall to the ground, the mylar film from the balloon can transfer to the grave marker and cannot be removed. This can permanently damage the finish on the marker, especially bronze markers. Most often it's the adjacent markers at risk of being damaged and should this occur, we become liable for the replacement of that marker.

Glass - glass containers, bottles, jars or vases are not allowed - they pose a danger to visitors should they be broken. The broken glass can become hidden in the grass and cause sever injury if stepped on or shot as a projectile by any equipment.

Thank you for protecting the beauty of your cemetery.