Our Story

Our first cemetery is ‘Old’ Tacoma Cemetery, located on 42 acres in the heart of Tacoma, at 48th & South Tacoma Way. Opened in 1875, the cemetery contains many of the founding fathers of the great City of Destiny. On any particular day you will find walkers enjoying the natural beauty of this Victorian cemetery with the many majestic trees located throughout the grounds.

Our second cemetery, New Tacoma Cemetery, opened in 1932, and is our present company headquarters. This cemetery is located on 150 acres of forested land overlooking the city of Steilacoom and Puget Sound. The serene setting affords our property owners and their loved ones tranquility and an inner peace knowing that they are at rest in a truly beautiful place.

Our modern funeral home, purchased in 1989, is a complete funeral facility, offering many types of services with personalized attention.

The tract of land now held by the Tacoma Cemetery was donated by the Tacoma Land Company to the town of New Tacoma for cemetery purposes. On October 19, 1881, the Board of Trustees of the town of New Tacoma appointed a Board of Trustees of the New Tacoma Cemetery with full power to acquire title to the land thus donated. On May 10, 1882 the land was deeded to the Board of Trustees. The common council of the city of Tacoma, on July 16, 1884, ratified and confirmed all the acts and deeded the land that is now Tacoma Cemetery on South Tacoma Way.

The development of this cemetery followed a park-like appearance due to the trends during development. Our rules and regulations of 1891 state that: "Good taste would seem to suggest that a rural cemetery should partake more of the character of a cheerful park or garden than a common graveyard, where everything has a gloomy and dismal appearance."

The decision to open a second cemetery location came in the 1930's. The Trustees, to insure a continuance of the benefits which the citizens of Tacoma had enjoyed in having a beautiful and well-kept place in which to lay their loved ones to rest, purchased a new burial park to be known as the New Tacoma Cemetery. The land was a natural park and would in time be the most beautiful Burial Park in the United States as the "roads leading to this new cemetery are beautiful and the different views of the Puget Sound and mountain ranges (Mt. Rainer and the Olympics) are inspiring."