Maintenance Updates


Over this past 3 summers we have been been hard at work repairing and updating our irrigation systems. Over 250 sprinkler heads have been installed replacing broken, missing and/or non-functioning heads. This has vastly improved the watering of many areas of the cemetery but has also highlighted additional leaks and breaks in the system needing further repair.

We are continuing to make repairs and improvements to bring the cemetery grass back to our lot owner's expectations. Thank you for understanding!


Weed and moss control are always a challenge but as trees are trimmed, this will aid in ridding and controlling moss. We will try various chemical treatments for weed and moss control but this comes with caution as we cannot damage headstones nor be detrimental to our wildlife in the park. We also raised the level of the mower decks which will keep the grass longer helping to rid moss naturally without chemicals.

New Sections

Two new sections are under development here at New Tacoma Cemetery on Chambers Creek Road West. One is a new "upright" marker section with concrete pads designed to separate rows of markers while keeping them uniform to the grave space. This will allow easier maintenance of the area while providing a very stable foundation for the markers and a visual improvement for these styles of markers.

The other section is to the West of our currently developed cemetery and is adjacent to Chambers Creek Road. This area will be available soon for use but either area is now available for pre-sale at discounted amounts for a temporary time.

Call any of our Cemetery Advisors for information on pre-sale saving opportunities.