Did You Know?

Flower policy

These regulations are designed to preserve the beauty of our cemetery for everyone to enjoy. Flowers and grave decorations cannot be burdensome to our staff or encumber upon another grave out of respect for all. Our park staff will remove flowers &/or decorations when deemed wilted, faded or unsightly or do not conform to our regulations.

Our policy allows fresh flowers year round on the grounds of the cemetery. Artificial flowers are only permitted October 1 through April 1 EXCEPT in vase holders in the INDOOR Mausoleum ONLY. Fresh flowers are not permitted at any time in the INDOOR Mausoleum.

Any pots placed on the grave MUST be able to be moved with one hand during the mowing season and should be limited to one pot per grave. This allows for our maintenance staff to trim and mow graves in a timely manner. Any type of fence, rock or other type of border materials are not permitted at any time as well as glass, statuary, toys, flower holders, wind chimes, solar lights or other items on the marker or grave. Planting of flowers, trees or shrubs is also prohibited.

A handout of our floral regulations is available at our main office building during normal office hours or if you wish, one may be emailed to you upon your request.

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Missing or damaged flowers

** As we enter spring this year, the deer are becoming very active in feasting on flowers and landscaping throughout the cemetery. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to deter them from the area.

The setting of New Tacoma Cemetery is quite unique and beautiful. Our natural surroundings are also home to many deer who often travel through our park. Deer love flowers, especially roses and will strip clean the stems in minutes. Many think vandals have destroyed their flowers, some within hours of being placed at the grave. Unfortunately, the culprits are most often the deer. People like seeing the deer in such a natural state but don't realize the destruction to flowers they cause. One suggestion if you are having this problem is to purchase some "Critter Ridder". This is in pellet form and is available from stores such as Lowe's, Ace, Home Depot and others. Not a complete solution but this has been shown to help keep deer away from flowers. Also, check with your florist on any certain type of flowers that deer may not be attracted to or is in their "preferred" appetite.

Mylar Balloons

Mylar Balloons have become such a part of our celebrations and remembrances, unfortunately, they also cause irreparable damage to headstones, both granite and bronze.

Once the balloons begin to deflate and fall to the ground, should they land on a marker in the sun or rain, the finish from the mylar transfers to the bronze or granite causing permanent damage to the marker. Most often the damage will occur on adjacent makers owned by other families so PLEASE, refrain from bringing in and placing mylar balloons.