Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney is an appointment made prior to one's death.The purpose of a Power of Attorney is to allow another individual to act on your behalf in many different situations. These can be from everyday business transactions including banking and paying bills to full authority to sell real estate, securities and do any transaction on your behalf without limit. Durable Power of Attorney gives any authority allowed in the appointment to continue should one become mentally disabled, incompetent or even in a state of unconsciousness.

The important thing to realize is that ALL Power of Attorney's END at the death of the appointee. Power of Attorney does not give one permission over a closer next of kin to take care of funeral arrangements UNLESS this is a specific item authorized in the power of attoney. If you have questions as to the authorities you may have for another under their power of attorney, please bring this document in to us to review and we can give you advice if changes need to occur PRIOR to the death of the appointee.