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Kudos to Mr. Messenger, your entire staff is wonderful and it is obvious you have employees that care about what they do and how they help us that are grieving. Thank you.

I was overwhelmed with the service Ted & Robin gave me. I was in the dark of what to do for my friend, I could not have asked for better help. Thank you

Thanks for all your professionalism in handling a difficult experience, you exceed my expectations, especially Ted Anderson, Rick Brown and Shirley Davis, they were highly professional and helpful with attention to detail.

Just want to say thank you and God Bless you

I know now why our friends recommended New Tacoma, you were there for us each step of the way and we cannot thank you enough. The recommendation we received will be passed on.

We were very happy with your staff, especially Ted & Janelle. Thank you for all your help, we also enjoyed Pastor Larry, he did a great job!

We received exceptional service from all, Ted was once again very organized and great to work with. Everything was great and items that we were told would be available, were available. Thank you for the great effort and support by all.

Entire staff was caring, sensitive and very helpful. Mike Woodhouse was particularly outstanding. He was very caring and attentive and he even helped the service on his day off. 

Dear Pamela, Jim, and all of the New Tacoma Cemetery and Funeral Home Staff, A word of thanks for making our recently completed pre-planning visits with you not only gratifying and productive, but, (dare we say it?) fun!  Your advice, expertise, and the creativity of your artists impressed us each time we met. We can now relax in the “River Garden” area on our beautiful bench that will someday be home to our ashes, knowing that all of the complicated needs surrounding our demise and internment have been taken care of.  It is also a comfort to know that we have provided this gift of certainty to those we will leave behind. As we have for the past 20 years, we plan to spend many more hours enjoying New Tacoma while walking with our dog in the peaceful setting.   The carefully tended grounds are one of our favorite places - now and always!  With gratitude
- Beth and Bob (and the dog)

Both Mike Woodhouse and Jack McGill were professional and respectful. I appreciated their thoroughness with services offered including options. They made the experience much easier.

You so exceeded our expectations, especially Bill Straley who was excellent and went above and beyond. He provided music at the graveside and flags for POW & the Air Force. Linda gave us names for the caterer and always answered our questions when we called in a very caring manner. We appreciated all you help with paperwork and the VA forms. Thank you so much,

Everything was perfect, especially from Bill Straley & Jack McGill. I would definitely recommend you to others.

Everyone was wonderful, the staff is amazing. I really appreciate everyone there, they made mom's passing easier on my sister and myself. Excellent operation!

Hello, I would just like to express my utmost thanks for the kindness you have shown my friend, Veda, as she has had to endure the daunting task of burying her son, Ethan. The stories she has shared about the experience she has had with New Tacoma are extraordinary. She had contacted another cemetery when she began this process. She was handled with a cold distance that was focused on business. That experience will forever be listed in the column of "unbearable". Then she called New Tacoma and spoke with Linda. From the very first moment it was clear that she was in good, strong, understanding hands. Linda asked only 2 questions, which of course needed to be answered for the business side, and then treated Veda with welcoming compassion. When she came in, she was immediately hugged by Bill who told her, "give me your pain, I can take it." That is unbelievably kind. It has brought tears to the eyes of everyone I have told that story to. Then she sat down with Damon who didn't pull out a check list of tasks to get to. Instead he said, "Tell me what happened." Again, wow! I have never heard stories such as these in times like this. I came with Veda on Tuesday to meet with Damon. I got to see for myself. I thought Linda knew her personally when she greeted Veda with so much familiarity and straight-from-the-heart compassion. We sat and talked with Damon. Simply amazing! He made it so clear over and over again that this was about Veda and what she needed. There was not one moment of uncomfortableness while taking care of the business. He really gets it and balanced business with compassion seamlessly. Veda brought me along for support. I was not needed, at all. She was in better hands than my own. A loss of a loved one is certainly hard, the loss of a child in unimaginable. The people surrounding Veda certainly want to do what they can and give her what she needs. However, it's unfamiliar territory. You guys were able to give her everything we wish we could. You didn't have to. She would have done her business with you regardless. You could have stood over to the side the cold professional distance. However, you chose to carry her. I know how thankful Veda is. She will forever list you in the column of "what I'm thankful for". Thank you, so much, for taking such good care of my very dear friend. Melissa

We were very fortunate to have had the outstanding guidance and professionalism of Jack & Bill helping us through a most difficult experience one can have. Your facilities are very well maintained, obviously a reflection of the concerns of the management and staff. You definitely exceeded all of our expectations.
J & S L.

You made bearable an unbearable situation, thank you.

You exceeded all expectations, especially Mike Woodhouse and Jack McGill, everyone was so professional and caring, everything was done the way my brother would have wanted. Thank you so much from my son, my wife and myself.

By all means you exceeded our expectations, Pamela Maddess was wonderful, hellped us a lot and also was very nice! We think everything is super nice and clean, love the cemetery. We just want to thank everyone that helped us in this time of need.

Rick Brown exceeded our expectation, he was extremely kind and helpful.

You are all excellent, Janelle was wonderful. Your help with the online obituary was wonderful.

You exceeded our expectations, the personal attention and great suggestions made by Mike made this so much easier on all the family. Our sincere appreciations.
AJ & Family

I could not have asked for a more easy and actually pleasant experience in such a difficult time. Bill is wonderful and a real tribute to your staff. 

Having gone through this a little more than a year ago with a different funeral company, I can say my expectations were far exceeded this time as the last experience left me cold and really not wanting to deal with uncaring people again. I am so glad we used you this time, as a friend recommended we should, Bill and Rick were genuine caring people who fulfilled all our wishes while never making us feel we were a burden to them. Thank you so much, you guys are GREAT!

We expected some pressure to "spend more" but it never came, our wishes were followed to the most exact requests with no guilt or pressure at all. I can and will recommend you to others.

New Tacoma has a couple of employees we have to thank, Linda at the front desk is truly the best, she made us comfortable from the start. Shirley helped us with dad's obituary and was so patient with some overbearing children, thank you. Our director Mike was a Godsend, we could not have asked for a more understanding and patient person to help us through the worst time of our lives. Your cemetery guys are fantastic, they didn't push us to leave the grave and allowed us to stay longer than we should have, but to have that time to say goodbye will never be forgotten. We thank you all, BK, JK & IN ps - a special thank you from the grandchildren for allowing them to place some dirt in papa's grave, we didn't know they could do that and it meant a lot to them.

​In two words - THANK YOU!

You know I learned a couple things, not all funeral homes are the same and cremation is not just "cremation", everything was explained very well to us and knowing dad did not leave New Tacoma to be cremated elsewhere, by somebody else, was so comforting. You all are very good at what you do, thank you so much.
TJ & family

​Your staff very much so exceeded our expectations, personable & helpful, patient & supportive, especially Janelle. We will absolutely recommend you to others.