Vihollie Rice

Obituary of Vihollie Rice

Vihollie Rice was born November 17, 1925, in Tillicum, Washington, in the country. She died February 27, 2018, at her home in Tacoma, Washington. She was 92 years old.

Raised by her parents in Christian faith and in the church, Vihollie attended several churches throughout her life and finally made her way to Peace Lutheran Church in Tacoma where she was an active member and served in many capacities. She was head of the clothing closet, a leader in women's ministry, the coffee maker on Sunday mornings, steward of the church's kitchen, and a faithful server at the Community Meals program, which provides free hot meals to the community two months out of the year. She was a catalyst for the congregation to use and sell Fair Trade coffee to provide just and fair income for coffee growers. She will be remembered at Peace for her deep faith in God, love for children, desire to greet every newcomer and help them feel welcome,  and concern for the wlnerable and struggling.

Vihollie was for many years a volunteer for the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show usually held in Seattle. She was in charge of refreshments which meant she bought the beverages, and most importantly, made and served the coffee! She worked for the Hunt-Mottet supply company in Tacoma until its closing. She decided to pursue a Masters Degree and then worked for the State of Washington in the school department. During her working years she also took and passed a computer programming course in the language of COBOL. She had a deep respect and appreciation for veterans. Her father was a veteran, and in her travels she looked for national cemeteries. She mentioned rather often the loss of so many of her classmates during World War II. She became rather introspect at the sight of a headstone that mentioned the buried had served in the military, and even more so if the individual had lost his or her life in combat.

Vihollie loved cats and collecting cat figurines. She enjoyed taking long walks in the city and was part of the Evergreen Volksmarching Club which traveled all around and did organized walks.

Today we commend  Vihollie into God's gracious care.